Yorkie Sleeping positions

Dog sleeping Positions and what they mean

You’ve probably see your yorkie sleep in all kinds of bizarre positions.

The psychology behind the various sleeping positions can be pretty interesting.

Dog Sleeping Positions

It’s normal for dogs to have multiple sleeping positions, and you might even notice how your dog sleeps changes throughout the year. This can be due to all sorts of reasons, including the following.

  • Temperature
  • Comfort
  • Space
  • Health issues
  • Feeling secure
  • Personal preference
  • Their relationship with other family members (humans and animals)

Sleeping On The Side

Experts say that when a Yorkie, or any dog, sleeps on its side, they feel safe and comfortable. This position exposes their vital organs, so they would not sleep like this unless they felt certain they are in no danger.

Yorkies who love sleeping in this position tend to be easy-going and relaxed. Of course, they may switch positions while sleeping. That is perfectly normal.

Another bonus in this position is that their limbs are free to move. You’ll see the most twitching and leg kicks when your dog sleeps on its side.

yorkie sleep side


Paws Up In The Air

In the same way that curling up in a ball conserves heat, sleeping with their paws in the air helps their bellies cool off. Since the fur around the belly is thinner, and the paws have sweat glands, this position allows a hot yorkie to cool down a bit and beat the heat.

Also, this position is an indication that your dog feels comfortable. It is leaving its most sensitive areas exposed and vulnerable and this position makes it hard to get up quickly.

This position is common in most dog breeds. It is especially common during the summer months, when dogs do what they can to stay cool.


Curled Up - The donut

yorkie sleeping curled up

Curling up in a ball, nose to tail, is a very common sleeping position for yorkies. It is the most common position for many animals in the wild, because it helps protect their vital organs and it helps them conserve warmth. It also makes it easy to get up quickly, should an emergency occur.

This position restricts movement during sleep, so you won’t see much twitching. Some say that a yorkie that sleeps in this position feels uncomfortable, but that is not necessarily the case. Even if a dog feels perfectly safe, it will often sleep in this position because it feels cozy and warm.

Lion’s pose

If your dog sleeps with their head resting on their front paws, it suggests they’re alert and ready to jump into action, showing a balance between relaxation and attentiveness. 

Superman Position

Superman sleep

The superman position is where your dog is sprawled out on its stomach, with its arms and legs stretched out straight, like superman when he flies. This sleeping position makes it easy to quickly pop back up onto their feet.

For that reason, dogs like to sleep in this position when they want a quick rest, but also want to be ready to jump back up and play some more, if the opportunity arises. High energy pups like this position, but dogs will also end up like this is they simply plop down for a break where they stand.

Burrowed under blankets or clothes

Dogs burrow under blankets or clothes for warmth, comfort, and security. This behavior is an instinctive response to create a protected, den-like environment. Cave dog beds are also a great option if your pet loves to burrow.

Sleeping with a raised head

When a dog sleeps with their head raised on a pillow or toy, it typically indicates a need for comfort or relief from potential respiratory or digestive issues.


When your dog sleeps with you or other pets

If your dog sleeps on your bed or if you have multiple dogs, this can also give some clues about their well-being.

  • Cuddled in a pile. You’ll often see puppies sleeping in a ‘cuddle puddle,’ and adult dogs who have a close relationship with one another might also sleep like this. “This position suggests dogs feel comfortable and secure with each other’s company,” Trott says. “If a dog who typically sleeps in this position suddenly stops, it could indicate a change in their relationship or a possible health issue that needs attention.”
  • Back to back. Dogs who sleep back-to-back or opposite pet parents or other dogs have a strong bond with them and feel secure in their presence. It also suggests that they trust you and feel protected. Letting your dog sleep with you only furthers the trust your dog has in you.
  • Head resting on your chest, arm, or leg. A dog who sleeps with their head resting on you or another dog may indicate they feel safe and comfortable in your presence. It can also be a sign your dog loves you deeply.
  • Between your legs. Dogs who sleep between their owner’s legs may feel particularly close to their owner and seek comfort and security from them. However, this position may also suggest they’re feeling insecure or anxious and need reassurance from their pet parent


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