Holiday Care Part 1

Holiday Care Part 2

Debt Rescue with DianaYorkies

Beautiful Puppy


Teaching the Brush



Small but fierce!

Challenging the parrot

Max and Coco Playtime

My first encounter with grass.

Rabbit vs Yorkie

Playfull Puppies

Playtime with balls

Max and Coco

Nothing like a bone!

So Clever

Yorkie vs Delicious Monster

Sable Puppy

Yorkie Playmat

Ringing the Bell - Clever girl!

Yorkie Puppies in the playground

ABOUT DianaYorkies

We have been breeding with yorkies since 2008. We cannot imagine our lives without them, since they fullfill so many special moments. We are registered with KUSA and CanineSA. Our holiday care facilities offer a clean and safe environment for your yorkie, while you are away.