Holiday Care Part 1

Holiday Care Part 2

6 Things you must do!

Debt Rescue with DianaYorkies

Beautiful Puppy


Teaching the Brush


Puppies Suckling

Small but fierce!

Challenging the parrot

Max and Coco

My first encounter with grass.

Rabbit vs Yorkie

Playful Puppies

Playtime with balls

Max and Coco Playtime

Nothing like a bone!

So Clever

Yorkie vs Delicious Monster

Sable Puppy

Yorkie Playmat

Ringing the Bell - Clever girl!

Yorkie Puppies in the playground

The Yorkie Shoe Collector

When yorkies try to be vegetarians.

How to bath your puppy.

How to bath your puppy

Deánru and Roxy are besties!

If it squeaks again...

Busy with leash training

Domino playing with his food.

When leaving a chewy behind is not an option.

Sasha and Leila loves water

So adorable!

Yorkie doing tricks

Spot the Yorkie in each Photo

This yorkie is not afraid.

Yorkies love yogurt!

Yorkie Penny begging

Fudge as a tiny puppy

Biewer Terrier Puppies

Biewer Terrier Puppies

Biewer Terrier puppies - 2 weeks

Understanding puppy and dog vaccinations

Yorkie on the beach for the first time

Understanding puppy and dog vaccinations

How to tape your yorkie's ears to stand up

Our Journey raising puppies - 5 weeks old

Biewer puppies 3 weeks old

Biewer puppies 4 weeks old

Biewer puppies - 5 Weeks old


Adorbale Biewer terrier puppies -7 weeks old

Adorable Yorkie Puppies Having The Time Of Their Lives

Cutest Chocolate Yorkie Puppy Ever

Hilarious moments... a boy and yorkie playing

Golden Retriever Captivated By Frozen Kong

CAN SHE DO IT? Trick or Treat for this Golden Retriever?

Yorkie boys with their Toys

Now are these yorkie puppies chilling or what?

Yorkie Puppy Playing fetch

Biewer Terrier playing his heart out

What can this be? An undercover yorkie?

ABOUT DianaYorkies

We have been breeding with yorkies since 2008. We cannot imagine our lives without them, since they fullfill so many special moments. We are registered with KUSA and CanineSA. Our holiday care facilities offer a clean and safe environment for your yorkie, while you are away.