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DianaYorkies Holiday and Daycare

You Need a break? 

You need a holiday?

Where would your Yorkie stay?

We will take extreme good care of your beloved yorkie while you enjoy your holiday.

We do bookings for weekends, holidays and daycare.

Large spacious area which is safe.


Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0824675891 or complete the form below.

Alternatively download the booking form and terms of conditions here and mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please make sure to sign the terms and conditions form.


Do I need to bring my own dogfood for holiday care?
Yes. We all know how sensitive yorkies are. Please bring the food he /she is used to.
Do I need to bring my own beds and toys?
Please do not bring any toys or beds. We have more than enough.
What happens if my yorkie gets sick and needs a vet?
Your yorkie will be taken to the nearest open vet.. You will be notified and updated. This is for your account.
Is the kennel cough inocculation mandatory?
Yes. Please ensure that your yorkie receives it at least 14 days prior to arrival.
What is your business hours?
Weekdays: 8am - 18h00
Weekends: 8am - 18h00
Please note that no pet will be accepted before 7am during weekdays (Except daycare) and no pet will be allowed to leave the premises after 18h00.
Can I bring my yorkie's chicken and rice as well as treats?
If your yorkie is used to table food, please prepare it beforehand and freeze it in small daily portions. We will gladly give it to your yorkie.
Is collar and name tag manditory?
No. You may leave it at home. We do take it off as a safety measure. We know each dog by name.
Should I bring my yorkie on a leash?
Yes please. Either bring your yorkie on a leash or in a carry case.
Can I bring my own medication, like protexin or something the vet gave to administer?
Yes please. We will only use it for your yorkie.
Should I groom my yorkie?
Yes, please. It is much cooler for your yorkie, especially during the summer months.
Should my yorkie be bathed before arrival?
Please do give your yorkie a bath at least 24 hours before arrival.
When should I visit the vet or grooming palour before arrival?
Any visits to the vet or doggy palour should be at least 24 hours before arrival

Diana Yorkies – Holiday-and Daycare

Terms and conditions

In the interest of all pets, no booking will be accepted or pets admitted for boarding unless they are vaccinated according to current veterinary and our own requirements and documentary proof being first presented.

Vaccination against kennel cough and rabies are mandatory and should have been administered at least 14 days prior to arrival.

Every pet should be dewormed at least 14 to 21 days prior to arrival, and be completed on the vaccination booklet.

Vaccination and deworming records have to be presented on every booking.

No pet will be allowed on the premises if they have been at a vet or parlour on the same day of arrival. The reason for this is to keep our environment safe for our visitors, since a lot of germs and illnesses originate at these locations.

Payment is due on arrival. A deposit is required upon making your booking. All payments under R500 should be paid in cash.

Pets arriving with ticks or fleas will be given parasite control at owner’s expense which will be R130 per pet.

Dogs should be bathed 24 hours before arrival. No dirty pets will be accepted. Some advice on December would be to groom your dog, since it is extremely hot.

Any pet that stays longer than 10 days, will be bathed by us at extra cost that will be discussed with the owner

Fees are charged inclusive of days of arrival and departure.

Please do not bring and beds or toys. Only bring your pet’s favourite food, jacket and if the pet has a collar with a name tag (collar with name tag not compulsory.Only these items will be accepted.

If your pet should become ill we will take your pet to a veterinarian. This is for the pet owner's expense. You will be contacted before any steps are taken. If we should administer any medication eg: Protexin, flagyl, ointments etc, supplied by us, the owner will be liable and charged for separately. You will be contacted before we use anything, so that you can decide if we should take your pet to a veterinarian or treat the pet ourselves. This is payable before the pet goes home.

It is the owner's responsibility to discuss any medication or issues with us.

Should your pet require special medication for illness and ailments we will gladly administer according to your vets instructions.

Should your pet require medical attention for whatever reason, vet fees will be for the owner’s expense.

We do not keep pets in cages, but if a problem should arise with a specific dog, we will ensure the safety of the other dogs by putting this animal in a cage.

Specific play times are held with the dogs.

Food will be supplied by the pet owner. We DO NOT use Royal Canine anymore. If you should drop off your pet without food, we will buy the food the pet is used to at the owner’s expense. This is payable before the pet go home.

Girls going on heat will be issued with a reusable panty. Costs are for the owner’s expense and will have to be paid on the departure date. An extra R500 will also be charged for girls going on heat.

DianaYorkies gives the greatest possible care and attention to all animals entrusted to it, but neither it, nor its staff can accept liability for any loss suffered by an owner or by any other person as the result of an injury to, or death, escape, destruction or illness of any animal, or for damage of any kind occurring during or subsequent to the animal’s stay.

We will take care of your yorkie like our own. He/she, will be in a safe, loving environment.

We will supply safe toys and blankets for all the pets. We do keep these clean at all times.

We DO NOT take responsibility for the following:

  1. If your yorkie should become ill, but we will do our utmost best to prevent this and contact you if necessary
  2. We cannot take responsibility for weight loss or gain, but will make sure they eat at all times
  3. Fires, theft, poisoning

All dogs that arrive, should be clipped onto a leash or be in a carrier bag.

In case a yorkie should pass away inexplicable, a post mortum can be done at the owner’s expense.

We only take responsibility for negligence regarding the dog in an environment that is safe and full of love.

Business hours STRICTLY:

Weekdays: 8am-18h00

Weekends: 8am-18h00

NO pet will be accepted before 7am during weekdays (except day-care) and no pet will be allowed to leave the premises after 18h00. You will have to book another day.

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