Protexin Soluble

Protexin Soluble

A must have for every yorkie owner!

The beneficial effects of probiotics are now well-known: research has proven that they not only boost the immune system and protect against illness, they aid in the recovery and prevention of diarrhoea. Multi-strain, scientifically-proven PROTEXIN is the best probiotic money can buy. A daily dose of good-tasting PROTEXIN is what your pets need to make them healthier and more resistant to disease and the younger you start them on PROTEXIN the better. A live probiotic like PROTEXIN helps to restore the microflora balance in the gut, and with it the animals' digestive efficiency and also natural defences against disease. PROTEXIN Soluble contains live bacteria and other organisms that are scientifically cultivated, carefully dried in a special process, then coated with a substance that protects these delicate organisms from the environment. This coating dissolves in the intestinal tract and the organisms are set free.

PROTEXIN Soluble is a palatable powder containing nine strains of beneficial organisms (bacteria, yeasts and moulds). These micro-organisms are in a suspended form, activated when swallowed.

Use PROTEXIN when animals are under stress (change of environment, illness); after antibiotic therapy, to replace the beneficial bugs and speed up recovery; for newborn animals, to establish 'good' bacteria in stomachs instead of 'bad'; especially for newborn or young animals separated from their mothers; especially during diarrhoea to stop the diarrhoea and normalise the stomach or when pets have 'windy' tummies! It's very easy to use. It is very palatable and should be sprinkled once daily over food or mixed into supplements like MILKO-PUP. PROTEXIN? Soluble is completely free of side-effects and can be used for all species of animal including those pregnant and lactating.

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